Bladeless Femto LASIK

Any LASIK procedure basically has two main steps, first is to create a very thin flap on outer surface of cornea (can be created either by a fast oscillating blade-microkeratome or bladeless-femtosecond laser) and then treat-ablate the remaining tissue on corneal bed by Excimer Laser to reshape the cornea in order to nullify spectacles power.

Hence it is only the first step of creating flap which is different in blade and bladeless Lasik…the rest procedure of glasses correction by Excimer Laser is same in both.

A Femtosecond is one millionth of a nanosecond or 10 -15 of a second and is a measurement sometimes used in laser technology. The femtosecond laser is used to create flap of cornea with varied specifications, which gives the surgeon more control, precision and increases the SAFETY FACTOR:

  • Flap Shape - Planar
  • Visual Procedure Control - Yes
  • Flap Thickness & Diameter Control – Computer assisted
  • Cut Pattern - Raster/Spiral
  • Side cut angle - Computer assisted 30-90
  • The suction ring used with the FemtoLaser creates an intraocular pressure (IOP) of approximately 40 mm Hg which is lower then created by microkeratome -60mmHg,hence safer for patients with ocular hypertension or borderline well controlled glaucoma patients.
  • The uniform thickness and vertical cleavage plane fits the flap like a manhole cover on stromal bed, minimizing the chance of flap slippage or wrinkling if accidentally rubbed or bumped during healing after surgery.
  • If the surgeon encounters a loss of vacuum during flap creation with the femto laser, the flap creation can be repeated immediately with no known adverse affect.
  • Because the Femto LASIK software enables the laser to produce flaps with vertical edges, it is more difficult for epithelial cells to migrate down under the flap into the interface ,hence decreasing chances of epithelial ingrowth.

Hence femtosecond offers versatile capability and flexibility in customizing flap creation with even, clean edges, regardless of the size or shape of the eye. Patient Comfort is good as surgical procedure is fast hence there is no trauma to the eye and patients tend to be very relaxed during the procedure. PATIENTS GAIN CONFIDENCE: The higher degree of comfort and safety, virtually almost no risk of complications, and more predictable outcomes increase patient satisfaction in their experience and outcome.

Whether you are a suitable candidate for microkeratome or femto lasik, the surgeon will be able to guide you after examining your eye parameters.

The total cost of Bladeless / Femtosecond LASIK is 85 to 90,000/- for both eyes.